Sitting Here.


Shall I ponder life and all its misfortune?
Or possibly seek out the Augustinian approach?
All is good but mixing a greater and a lesser makes evil.
There’s always that last deadly option,
No such thing matters at this age.
But it so vividly does!
Tragedy strikes and I have no voice.
Did any of us? Ever?
Or did we silence ourselves to cope with the things we could not change?
Did the flowers that bloomed yesterday, pass and die today?
Or did they bloom brighter than ever before?
Did we forget the past and try to burn down dreams?
Or did we rise from the ashes to press on?
We traded a glory for a grace!
Searching aimlessly on the ground like animals!
Visions blurred and colors scattered!
Perception beaten and bruised to a mold!
Once, we lived full!
Time was of the essence, but mortality wasn’t a limit!
Marking this world was our aim!
We traded that for barely leaving a fingerprint!
Did the corruption of minds poison our hearts as well?
Did the fallacies of men take us to the foxhole too?
That through blindfolds we could not see!
Or maybe we’re more aware now?
Making a breakthrough in a generation!
Pushing through the debris of past failures,
Lighting a way for progress and reformation!
It’s a coin toss away, this life.
We either light the matches or we throw them out!
We’re either complacent or we’re restless!
We either move for the greater or we sit for the minimum.
I don’t want to sit anymore…


I really don’t like clothes. There is NOTHING wrong with the naked human body, however I am underage, and there are ‘friends from school on my tumblr so yup.

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