To-DIY-List: Envelope Clutches


I’m currently fighting with this urge to buy myself an envelope clutch. I am almost an inch away from getting myself one but I keep repeating the mantra, “You are on a shopping ban. Must save money.”, to myself over and over again. Thankfully it still works! Or maybe I’m just a little too broke to go and buy myself one.

Thanks to this obsession with envelope clutches, I have re-fueled my own desire to go crafty. Yey! I now have a list of projects that I really, really, really want to start working on once I get that sewing machine! Check them out:

DIY Envelope Clutch by Holly Dolly

DIY: Yellow Clutch by Style Scrapbook

DIY Origami Clutch by Freckles In April

Absolutely no sewing required. Yey, I must find that fabric stiffener, fast!

DIY Envelope Clutch by Swell Mayde

This is probably the most popular envelope clutch pattern out there. I have seen so much pretty projects stem out from this pattern, including this one by shambijoux that I really really love <3

A Placemat Clutch by lil blue boo

Easy Envelope Tutorial by A Place in the Clouds

Envelope Clutch with Ruffles

How to Make an Envelope Clutch by Ninth Street Notions

Fabric Envelope Tutorial by In Color Order

What should I do first? What’s your favorite pattern?

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