Love all these colors together, such beauty


Love all these colors together, such beauty

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The healing properties of Primrose Extract, Carrot Seed Essential Oil and Chia Seed Oil make this Gentle Gel Eye Serum a powerful product to combat aging, or tired eyes! 

Learn how to make it here!

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"Much of magic as I understand it in the Western occult tradition is the search for the Self, with a capital S. This is understood as being the Great Work, as being the gold the alchemists sought, as being the Will, the Soul, the thing we have inside us that is behind the intellect, the body, the…

What exactly is a green witch?


A green witch is typically a witch who feels comfortable working with plants, trees, wild nature, and gardening in their spellcraft.

Here are some resources for green witchcraft:

Green Witchcraft


  • Compendium of Herbal Magic by Paul V. Beyerl
  • Compendium of Symbolic and Ritual Plants in Europe
  • Earth Wisdomby Glennie Kindred
  • Farmer’s Almanac
  • Folk-lore of Plants by T.F. Thiselton Dyer
  • Green Mantle: An Investigation into Our Lost Knowledge of Plants by Michael Jordon
  • Green Witch Herbal: Restoring Nature’s Magic in Home, Health, and Beauty Care by Barbara Griggs
  • Hedgerow Cookbook by Glennie Kindred
  • Herbal Healers by Glennie Kindred
  • Herbal Medicine Maker’s Handbook: A Home Manual by James Green
  • Master Book of Herbalism
  • Mastering Herbalism by Paul Huson
  • Tree Medicine, Tree Magic by Glennie Kindred
  • Tree Wisdom by Jacqueline Memory Paterson






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